Experiences with Magnetotherapy Renaissance®

Since Renaissance pulsed magnetotherapy device was launched, it has been sold to more than twenty thousand satisfied customers in the Czech Republic alone. These include households as well as medical and rehabilitation facilities, large hospitals, senior homes, facilities for the handicapped, GP surgeries, sports clubs, spas etc.

Hundreds of videos can be found in our archives, along with thank you letters and testimonials. positive statement from leading physicians.

Quality requirements are also increasing hand in hand with growing demand, both domestic and foreign. As the whole Renaissance magnetotherapy line is in accordance with all EU standards imposed on medical devices, ZES products have achieved success in such prestigious and demanding markets as Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium. However, commercial success is best proved by our distributors and retailers in many European countries:

„Slovenia is one of the countries where magnetotherapy is very popular. Therefore, the supply of low-frequency therapy is quite broad, including domestic production. However, we have chosen Renaissance. The reason? Reliability, an attractive design and good margins.”
Natalia Logar, Slovenia

„ … so far the most successful product in our direct marketing system. The more demanding the preparation, the more successful the product is with clients.”
Agnieszka Szerba, Poland

„We have great expectations of French and Belgium markets. It is essential that Renaissance products already comply with all local regulations and meet high requirements on quality and appearance.”
Razack Koubay, Belgium