About us

ZES Brno has been involved in manufacturing the Renaissance® range of instruments and in continuous research and development in this field for over 17 years. This has helped make ZES Brno a leader in the number of instruments manufactured, and especially in their quality and reliability. We are able to meet our customers´ needs as to the number of instruments required and for the holistic consultation and guidance regarding the application of magnetotherapy.

The producer of the Renaissance® pulse magnetotherapy devices, a joint stock company ZES Brno, is part of a holding company, whose portfolio includes the development and manufacturing of therapeutic and rehabilitation instruments for professional and home care, as well as publishing, printing, creating geographic information systems and support for the civil service.

ZES Brno runs their business in their own manufacturing, storage and administration premises in the Brno South industrial area covering more than 14 000 square meters.

In addition to business activities in the field of pulse magnetic field therapy, ZES Brno is investing in building one of the most extensive non-governmental collections of contemporary paintings, graphics and illustrations, and also supports managing exhibitions and other national cultural activities.

Our key people:

Jiří Lužný - CEO
Zuzana Lužná - director of magnetotherapy division
Pavel Radosta - export manager
Razack Koubay - export manager
Jiří Patočka - production manager
Martin Lindr - main technical engineer
Václav Cikánek - consultant
Jiří Lužný jr. - web support
Iveta Flajtingerová, Marie Zouharová - accounting department
Elen Žáková - warehouse manager