Renaissance® Magnetotherapy Concept

The present design of Renaissance® magnetotherapeutic instruments was preceded by long and challenging research and development. The result bears favourable technical comparison regarding its professional use, but at the same time it is sufficiently effective and yet simple to operate in self-administered home application.

The Renaissance® devices have their own generators of healing magnetic fields and can be combined with a wide range of accessories tailored to the specific needs of each user. The Renaissance magnetic pulsed generators have been optimized to produce the most suitable frequency range, which can be adjusted together with the application duration in one of eleven basic programs.

The Renaissance® applicators can also "direct" the healing magnetic field precisely to the required places, either with almost pinpoint accuracy, up to a blanket manner covering the area of the whole bed. Also, whole-body circular adapters can be used.

An advantage of the Renaissance system®  is that it was originally designed for hospital and clinical use. Hence its durability, high quality of materials and the option of repeated, intensive use. A prerequisite for home use is its simple, user-friendly operation, safety settings and a wide range of possible uses.

A proof of the success of the Renaissance® Magnetotherapy Concept can be seen by the fact that existing customers make repeated orders, as well as the rapid expansion of sales in Europe and overseas.