Primo M

The PRIMO M set only includes one small flat applicator, MANIC. Despite the seemingly easy equipment this therapeutic set can be used for a surprisingly wide range of applications. The size makes the MANIC applicator predestined for intensive targeted therapy and regeneration of various organs and tissues. The applicator may successfully be used for example for elimination of neck pain and relaxation of the surrounding muscle spasms, tinnitus, Menier disease or middle ear inflammation, and is also effective against toothache and periodontal disease. The applicator MANIC generates an intensive magnetic field, which is very useful for attenuation of various pains. Its analgesic and regeneration effects are appreciated not only by patients suffering from arthrosis or rheumatic arthritis of knee and hip joints, but also those suffering from tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. The PRIMO M set may also successfully be used for treatment of haemorrhoids and prostate disorders, for targeted regeneration of the liver, stomach (stomach ulcers) and other internal organs.

The Primo M kit contains:
1. MANIC – applicator, flat type, size 170 x 210mm
2. Instructions for Use + Information and Picture Guide
3. PT 20 transformer – network transformer 230/12 V AC
4. DUO pulse generator – NPMP pulse generator, 2 modes
5. Tester – magnetic field presence tester


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