Primo C

The CAVO applicator included in this set is a circular applicator with the diameter of 25 cm. The applicator generates homogeneous magnetic field whose effective reach is about 30–40 cm on all sides along the longitudinal axis of the applicator in its centre. If used for example for treatment of the neck it at the same time regenerates the thorax, the respiratory tract and the thymus (immunity), and in the opposite direction the whole head area (migraines, frequent headaches), the oral cavity (toothache, periodontal disease, inflammations), the upper respiratory tract and nasal cavities and the eyes (glaucoma, conjunctivitis) and the ears (tinnitus, middle ear inflammations).

The PRIMO C set, thanks to the CAVO applicator, is also very suitable for settlement of many dysfunctions of the motion apparatus, especially joints. As described above, the CAVO applicator generates homogeneous magnetic field evenly penetrating the whole thickness of the tissue and therefore its regeneration, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects fully cover the tendons, the cartilage and the bone part of the treated joint.

The Primo C kit contains:
1. CAVO – applicator for PEMF, cylindrical type, diameter 260mm
2. PT 20 transformer – network transformer 230/12 V AC
3. Tester – magnetic field presence tester
4. Instructions for Use + Information and Picture Guide
5. DUO pulse generator – PEMF Therapy generator, 2 modes


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