The MELIO magnetic therapy set consists of the broad back PIANO applicator and the small flat MANIC applicator. The PIANO applicator may be used for example for treatment of back and spine pain in all its sections – the small of the back, lumbar, thoracic, neck. Thanks to its size its effect also reaches the related musculature whose overall stiffness and local contractions often significantly add to pain development. The PIANO applicator causes improvement of blood circulation in the exposed tissue, thus achieving relaxation of the muscles and acceleration of clearance of acid products of metabolism. The applicator is also excellent for breast applications for treatment of angina pectoris and regeneration of the heart muscle after myocardium infarct or for abdominal applications for treatment of stomach and duodena disorders (ulcers), inflammations of pancreas and intestines, constipation and painful menstruation. MANIC applicator is very suitable for application to places where intensive therapeutic effect is desired, such as attenuation of joint pain, toothache, tinnitus, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel.

The Melio kit contains:
1. PIANO – applicator for PEMF, flat type, size: 460 x 490mm
2. MANIC – applicator for PEMF, flat type, size: 170 x 210mm
3. PT 20 transformer – network transformer 230/12 V AC
4. Tester – magnetic field presence tester
5. Instructions for Use + Information and Picture Guide on NPMP treatment
6. DUO pulse generator – PEMF Therapy generator


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