The LETTINO magnetic therapy set consists of two applicators - the bed applicator of medium size called LETTINO electromagnetic mat and the small flat MANIC applicator. LETTINO, thanks to its size, covers the whole length of the spine including the small of the back and the hip joints and the pelvis. The LETTINO applicator helps to regenerate the bones, the tendons and the nerves of the spine across its length, therefore removing pain and restoring proper function of the spine. The applicator may also be used for treatment of haemorrhoids and prostate, for removal of inflammations and thromboses of varicose veins and for improvement of blood circulation in lower extremities.

The small MANIC applicator, thanks to its size, can be used for treatment of small areas of the head, the body and the extremities. Neck application may improve activity of the thyroid gland, face applications may help reduce periodontal disease and toothache or hearing impairment. The applicator is very suitable for attenuation of joint pain and for treatment of children.

The Lettino kit contains:
1. MANIC – PEMF applicator, flat type, size 170 x 210mm
2. LETTINO – electromagnetic mat applicator, flat type, size 310 x 1010mm
3. Instructions for Use + Information and Picture Guide
4. Tester – magnetic field presence tester
5. DUO pulse generator - PEMF Therapy generator
6. PT 20 transformer – network transformer 230/12 V AC


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