Innovative medical products for distribution

The components and kits of the Renaissance trademark find their use in a number of EU and non-European countries thanks to their universality and the highest EU certifications.

Renaissance® devices can be adapted for each country to suit local regulations and international testing and certification requirements for therapeutic aids. We also provide comprehensive business and technical training, supporting materials in the language of the particular country, smooth handling of any complaints and a number of competitive advantages.

Our pricing strategy is one of the most advantageous and is valued by our distributors as well as end users. Our most satisfied customers include distributors of medical and rehabilitation materials, and small and medium-sized firms involved in direct sales to households.

Are you a direct sales trading company, or are you involved in selling medical technology? Are you considering replenishing your range of products, or substituting fading products with a new, highly effective and universal offer? You can also become a part of the group of companies selling a long-term successful product, pulse magnetotherapy devices and the Renaissance® trademark.

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